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Catálogo de proyectos europeos

Este catálogo contiene información sobre proyectos internacionales de investigación exitosos, participados por investigadores de las Universidades Públicas Andaluzas.

El objetivo es recopilar experiencias de éxito para fomentar la colaboración de los grupos de investigación andaluces con otras entidades; la formación de consorcios internacionales e incrementar el número de proyectos europeos presentados. Como consecuencia, se persigue también dar visibilidad a la investigación realizada en nuestras universidades y aumentar el retorno de fondos de I+D+i para Andalucía.

Esperamos que la información que aquí encuentre sea de su interés.

Por favor, no dude en contactar con nosotros en cualquier momento para cubrir sus demandas de cooperación en I+D+i.

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Reinforcement of Mediterranean olive oil sector competitiveness through development and application of innovative production and quality control methodologies related to olive oil health protecting properties. (ARISTOIL) Universidad de Córdoba

The Mediterranean region is the main place around the world for production of olive oil. 95% of the world's olive oil is produced in the Mediterranean and mainly in Greece, Peloponnese which produces 65% of Greek olive oil, Italian regions of Sicily, ...

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NIRS microsensors and ICT platforms for ensuring on-site authentication of high added value European foods: Case study Iberian pig ham. (NIRSIntegrityHam) Universidad de Córdoba

The present proposal is founded on the recognition that there exists a general consciousness about the need to develop and compare methodologies for detecting emerging risks, food warnings and frauds, and to be able to do this detection with high ...

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Assessment of forest – carbon sinks and promotion of compensation systems as tools for climate change mitigation. (LIFE FOREST CO2) Universidad de Córdoba

Despite increasing awareness in the land use, land use change and forestry sectors (LULUCF) concerning climate change action, reflected in Decision 529/2013/EU, the emissions and carbon sink effect generated by sustainable forest management (SFM) strategies are not included in the ...

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European Training Network for Continuous Sonication and Microwave Reactors. (COSMIC) Universidad de Córdoba

The European chemical industry faces some very serious challenges if it is to retain its competitive position in the global economy. The new industries setting up in Asia and the Near East are based on novel process-intensification concepts, leaving Europe ...

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Overweight-induced Hypogonadism as major factor for the generation and/or perpetuation of Metabolic Co-morbidities of Obesity: Contribution of Epigenetic Regulatory Mechanisms. (ReprObesity) Universidad de Córdoba

Obesity is a global health problem whose prevalence is increasing substantially due to lifestyle changes. This complex medical condition is frequently linked to serious metabolic complications and deregulation of hormonal axes, which lead to perturbed homeostasis in conditions of overweight. ...

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