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Catálogo de proyectos europeos

Este catálogo contiene información sobre proyectos internacionales de investigación exitosos, participados por investigadores de las Universidades Públicas Andaluzas.

El objetivo es recopilar experiencias de éxito para fomentar la colaboración de los grupos de investigación andaluces con otras entidades; la formación de consorcios internacionales e incrementar el número de proyectos europeos presentados. Como consecuencia, se persigue también dar visibilidad a la investigación realizada en nuestras universidades y aumentar el retorno de fondos de I+D+i para Andalucía.

Esperamos que la información que aquí encuentre sea de su interés.

Por favor, no dude en contactar con nosotros en cualquier momento para cubrir sus demandas de cooperación en I+D+i.

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Cross-border strengthening systems of forest fires prevention and extinction and improvement of the resources for rural employment generation in a pos-Covid scenario. (FIREPOCTEP) Universidad de Córdoba

FIREPOCTEP promotes climate change adaptation in a landscape scale of the territory, specifically on the analysis of forest fire risks by means of investments in resources focused in prevention and extinction strategies. Some demonstrative areas have been chosen both in ...

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Moving from networked to patchworked society: motivational underpinnings and societal consequences. (DigiPatch) Universidad de Córdoba

The rise of digitalization, specifically digital media use, provides people with expanded possibilities in terms of informing and expressing themselves, as well as sharing their opinions and communicating with each other, and thus enables them to develop new and multiple ...

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DroughT impACt on the vegeTation of South African semIarid mosaiC landscapes: Implications on grass-crop-lands primary production. (TACTIC) Universidad de Córdoba

Semiarid rangelands are one of Africa's most complex and variable biomes. They are a mosaic of land uses, where extensive livestock is the main economic activity, and agriculture, soil for livelihood, or conservational uses are also crucial. They are highly ...

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Forest Fires risk reduction: towards an integrated fire management approach in the E.U.. (FireEUrisk) Universidad de Córdoba

FirEUrisk will develop and evaluate a novel 3-stage management strategy that will update the current approaches to fight wildfires. This plan of action is risk-centred and will cover every relevant aspect of this issue while also considering the environmental context ...

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Fast-tracking ROOTStock breeding in olive. (FROOTS) Universidad de Córdoba

Adaptation to environmental conditions is key to maximise crop productivity under limited water and other stresses related to climate impacts. Combining stress resistance with desired agronomic characteristics through regular plant breeding in fruit trees such as olive requires a huge ...

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