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Transition Island Communities: Empowering Localities to Act. (TRISCO)

Reducir las emisiones de CO2 a través de cambios de comportamiento de distintos grupos
Universidad de Sevilla
Reducir las emisiones de CO2 a través de cambios de comportamiento de distintos grupos
A simple CO2 assessment tool for dwelling evaluation Three main activities have contributed towards a ‘low carbon economy’. First, the project activities have been part of a new subject, Sustainable Construction, in the School of Building Engineering; about 250 students participated in the project activities last year. In the present year about 600 students are registered in the subject. The students have a better knowledge about the impact of their decisions concerning the CO2 emissions of their building projects. Second, the International Conference on Energy Saving in Buildings, involved about 100 people from the construction industry, in particular technical architects, architects, students, local government agencies, like the Consejería de la Vivienda (Andalusia Housing Department), the Agencia Local de la Energía (Local Energy Agency of Seville) and the Agencia Andaluza de la Energía (Andalusia Energy Agency) as well as private enterprises, etc. The third activity, which is related to our research work, is the development of a simple CO2 assessment tool, which can be used by dwellers in order to calculate their emissions and change their behavior. The tool will be available through several web pages, i.e. Arditec, Power, the Environment Centre, etc.
Herramienta simplificada para el cálculo de emisiones
Se ha llegado una población muy variada a través de actividades con los ciudadanos, superando los objetivos. Undergraduate (900 in two years) and graduate (4 master thesis directly related to the project) students have participated in the project activities and in its development.. Also the academic staff (7 professors) from ARDITEC research group has participated and administration staff as well.


Code PAIDI: TEP-172

Madelyn Marrero Meléndez. Socio. 

Universidad de Sevilla

Budget of Andalusian group: € 67,125.00

  • The Environment Centre (Reino Unido) coordinador
  • Universidad de Sevilla
  • ACER Reggio Emilia (Italia)
  • Stichting Brabantse Milieufederatie (Holanda)
  • Viimsi Vallavalitsus Viimsi Rural Munitsipality (Estonia)
  • Municipality of Gotland (Suecia)
Keywords: emisiones de CO2, cambio de comportamiento, construcción sostenible
Duration: 17 months. July, 1th 2009 to September, 1th 2011
Project cost: € 349,275.00