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Catálogo de proyectos europeos. Universidad Universidad de Granada

Este catálogo contiene información sobre proyectos internacionales de investigación exitosos, participados por investigadores de las Universidades Públicas Andaluzas.

El objetivo es recopilar experiencias de éxito para fomentar la colaboración de los grupos de investigación andaluces con otras entidades; la formación de consorcios internacionales e incrementar el número de proyectos europeos presentados. Como consecuencia, se persigue también dar visibilidad a la investigación realizada en nuestras universidades y aumentar el retorno de fondos de I+D+i para Andalucía.

Esperamos que la información que aquí encuentre sea de su interés.

Por favor, no dude en contactar con nosotros en cualquier momento para cubrir sus demandas de cooperación en I+D+i.

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Contaminant mixtures and human reproductive health - novel strategies for health impact and risk assessment of endocrine disrupters. (CONTAMED) Universidad de Granada

CONTAMED intends to prepare the ground for epidemiological studies able to capture cumulative EDC exposure by developing and evaluating biomarkers for total effective internal EDC load. This will rely on in vitro bioassays representative of various EDC actions (“mode-of-action screens”) ...

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Greenhouse gas management in European land use systems. (GHG EUROPE) Universidad de Granada

The GHG-Europe project aims to improve our understanding and capacity for predicting the European terrestrial carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) budget by applying a systematic, comprehensive and integrative approach. GHG-Europe quantifies the annual to decadal variability of the carbon and ...

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Mouse Model of CoQ deficiency: pathogenesis and treatment. (COQMITMEL) Universidad de Granada

- Generar un modelo de ratón deficiente en Coenzima Q. - Estudiar las consecuencias fisiopatológicas de la deficiencia en Coenzima Q. - Evaluar diferentes estrategias terapéuticas encaminadas a la recuperación de la bionergética mitocondrial y reducción del estrés oxidativo.

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Medical imaging using bio-inspired and soft computing. (MIBISOC) Universidad de Granada

Medical imaging (MI) is at the heart of many of today’s improved diagnose and treatment technologies. Computer-based solutions are vastly more capable of both quantitative measurement of the medical condition and the pre-processing tasks of filtering, sharpening, and focusing image ...

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Mechanisms of mineral replacement reactions. (DELTA-MIN) Universidad de Granada

In this ITN we investigate the mechanism of mineral re-equilibration (phase transformation) in the presence of a fluid phase in a wide range of minerals and rocks, under a range of chemical and physical conditions, using both natural and experimental ...

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Capacitive mixing as a novel principle for generation of clean renewable energy from salinity differences. (CAPMIX) Universidad de Granada

Electricity can be generated by mixing salt water and fresh water in a controlled way. Salt water can be sea water and fresh water can be river water, so this technology can be used wherever a river flows into the ...

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Colloidal aspects of lipid digestion: the physics behind healthier food. (COLLODI) Universidad de Granada

An emerging application of colloidal science, due to the growing social and economic consequences of the obesity crisis in the developed world, is the design of healthier foods to control fat uptake in the diet. Consequently molecular mechanisms of digestion ...

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Biotechnological recycle of olive mills washing water by microalgae. (ALGATEC) Universidad de Granada

The Algatec project plans to deliver an economic and effective system through an elegant combination of promising biotechnologies which effectively recycle olive mill wastewater using microalgae. 'It is important to stress that this research comes from the project's SMEs as ...

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Single-molecule fluorescence pulsed interleaved excitation, a novel tool to study biomolecular interactions.. (SMF-PIE) Universidad de Granada

During the last few years, single-molecule fluorescence (SMF) methodologies have revolutionized the accessible information on biomolecular complexes, molecular dynamics, and biological mechanisms. Novel and important structural and dynamic insights can be obtained by studying molecules one by one, particularly into ...

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Enhancing literacy development in European languages. (ELDEL) Universidad de Granada

The scientific aims of the ELDEL project are: - to produce a model elucidating the relationships among psychological (psycholinguistic, cognitive) and environmental (orthographic, linguistic, educational/instructional, cultural) factors determining the development of literacy skills in European languages, and - to uncover ...

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Novel integrated water management systems for Southern European regions. (NOVIWAM) Universidad de Granada

Most countries in European Union are suffering severe water scarcity caused by a negative balance between water resources and water demands. A sustainable management of hydrological resources results totally necessary, as it is established by the European Water Framework Directive ...

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Cenozoic evolution of the Indonesian throughflow and the origins of Indo-Pacific marine biodiversity: Mapping the biotic response to environmental change. (THROUGHFLOW) Universidad de Granada

A critical agenda for earth and life sciences is to determine how diverse tropical marine ecosystems such as coral reefs will respond to global environmental change. This will require long-term environmental and ecological data that rarely exist for living coral ...

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New drugs for the treatment of primary Hiperoxaluria. (PH-1) Universidad de Granada

Primary hiperoxaluria (PH-1) is a human genetic disease consisting on a deficiency of alanine-glyoxylateaminotransferase (AGT) activity in hepatocytes. This enzyme metabolizes glyoxylate and a lack of its activity leads to an excessive production of oxalate. Oxalate accumulation damages kidney and ...

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Effect of diet on the mental performance of children. (NUTRIMENTHE) Universidad de Granada

There is evidence that early nutrition may affect later mental performance. The idea that the diet of mothers, infants and children could affect later mental performance has major implications for public health practice and policy development and for our understanding ...

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Reduced certification cost for trusted multi-core platforms. (RECOMP) Universidad de Granada

Los principales objetivos de RECOMP son: 1. Desarrollar métodos y herramientas para la certificación y recertificación de sistemas empotrados para aplicaciones críticas basadas en arquitecturas multicore. La reducción de costes en los procesos de certificación basados en componentes precertificados así ...

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European platform for low-power applications on silicon-on-insulator technology. (EUROSOI+) Universidad de Granada

In the framework of FP6, the European Commission supported the formation of a European Network on Silicon on Insulator Technology, Devices and Circuits, whose main goal was to create a discussion forum for the exchange of ideas and results on ...

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Silicon-based nanostructures and nanodevices for long term nanoelectronics applications. (NANOSIL) Universidad de Granada

NANOSIL Network of Excellence aims to integrate at the European level the excellent European research laboratories and capabilities in order to strengthen scientific and technological excellence in the field of nanoelectronic materials and devices for terascale integrated circuits (ICs) and ...

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HIRF synthetic environment. (HIRF-SE) Universidad de Granada

The HIRF SE research project has the goal of providing the aeronautics industry with a framework which can be used during the development phase to mitigate the EM aspects. In addition it will provide a considerable reduction in the certification/qualification ...

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European consortium on neutralising antibodies using gp41. (EURONEUT-41) Universidad de Granada

There is now an increasingly solid body of scientific evidence which demonstrates that the binding of small molecular weight compounds, peptides and antibodies (Abs) to fusion-intermediate conformations of gp41 leads to an inhibition of HIV cell entry. The principal aim ...

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Nanoporous Matal- Organic Frameworks for production. (NANOMOF) Universidad de Granada

The discovery of porous hybrid materials constructed from inorganic nodes and organic multifunctional linkers has established a new area of inorganic-organic hybrids with extraordinary performance. Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) represent a novel class of nanoporous materials with extremely high specific surface ...

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Biobased geological CO2 storage ( CO2SolStock). (CO2SolStock) Universidad de Granada

This project aims at developing an emerging technology which consists of an alternative sustainable solution to reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion. This objective fits the EU strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by developing an environmentally safe carbon ...

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